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covers of many of Deon's books

List of Publications:

  • 1944 Adieux à Sheila (Robert Laffont)
  • 1946 Amours perdues (Bordas)
  • 1950 Je ne veux jamais l'oublier (Plon)
  • 1952 La Corrida (Plon)
  • 1954 Le Dieu pâle (Plon)
  • 1955 Tout l'amour du monde I, récits (Plon)
  • 1955 Plaisirs (Editions de Paris) sous le nom de Michel Férou
  • 1956 Lettre à un jeune Rastignac, libelle (Fasquelle)
  • 1956 Les Trompeuses Espérances (Plon)
  • 1958 Les Gens de la nuit (La Table ronde)
  • 1960 La Carotte et le Bâton (La Table ronde)
  • 1960 Tout l'amour du monde II, récits (La Table ronde)
  • 1964 Louis XIV par lui-même (Gallimard)
  • 1965 Le Rendez-vous de Patmos, récits (Gallimard)
  • 1967 Un parfum de jasmin (Gallimard)
  • 1967 Mégalonose (La Table ronde)
  • 1970 Les Poneys sauvages (Gallimard) - Awarded Prix Interallié
  • 1973 Un taxi mauve (Gallimard) (Grand Prix du roman de l'Académie française)
  • 1975 Le Jeune Homme vert (Gallimard)
  • 1975 Thomas et l'infini, récit pour enfants, illustrated by Étienne Delessert (Gallimard)
  • 1977 Les Vingt Ans du jeune homme vert (Gallimard)
  • 1981 Un déjeuner de soleil (Gallimard)
  • 1984 Je vous écris d'Italie (Gallimard)
  • 1987 La Montée du soir (Gallimard)
  • 1987 Ma vie n'est plus un roman (Gallimard)
  • 1990 Un souvenir (Gallimard)
  • 1992 Le Prix de l'amour (Gallimard)
  • 1992 Ariane ou l'oubli (Gallimard)
  • 1993 Pages grecques, récits (Le Balcon de Spetsai, Le Rendez-vous de Patmos, Spetsai revisité) (Gallimard)
  • 1993 Parlons-en… (in collaboration with Alice Déon) (Gallimard)
  • 1995 Je me suis beaucoup promené… (La Table ronde)
  • 1995 Une longue amitié , lettres d'André Fraigneau et Michel Déon (La Table ronde)
  • 1995 Le Flâneur de Londres (Robert Laffont)
  • 1996 La Cour des grands (Gallimard)
  • 1998 Madame Rose (Albin Michel)
  • 1999 Pages françaises, récits (Mes arches de Noé, Bagages pour Vancouver, Post-Scriptum) (Gallimard)
  • 2001 Taisez-vous… j'entends venir un ange (Gallimard)
  • 2002 Une affiche bleue et blanche (Gallimard)
  • 2002 Mentir est tout un art (Le Rocher)
  • 2004 La Chambre de ton père (Gallimard)
  • 2005 Cavalier, passe ton chemin ! (Gallimard)
  • 2009 Cahier Déon (L'Herne). Contains unpublished documents, essays and letters.
  • 2009 Journal (L'Herne)

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"Michel Deon's oeuvre is both ambitious and memorable. He is an observant and brilliant writer with a keen eye for detail and delineation of character. The results are dazzling, mesmerizing and exhilarating books which linger in the reader's mind long after he/she has finished them."

—Mel B. Yoken, Ph.D.
Chancellor Professor Emeritus of French Language and Literature
Officier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

covers of many of Deon's books

Un Taxi Muave

Un taxi muave

Winner of the esteemed Grand Prix du roman de l'Academie francaise, Un Taxi Mauve is the tale of a group of troubled Irish expatriates who have settled in rural Ireland. They have come to Ireland for their own reasons: There is Jerry, who has returned to Ireland after his family amassed a large fortune in America.; Sharon, his sister, is precocious and troublesome and married to the Prince of Hanover; Phillip, a Frenchman, has fled his country to get over the death of his son; While Taubleman is a reminiscent of Dickens's Miss Havisham, living penniless in a grand castle with Anne, his beautiful but mute daughter. The title is drawn from Fred's character, who drives an old purple taxi and in one way or other touches the lives of the novels' many protagonists. Living in self-imposed exile, their interactions create a tangle of love and lies that only serve to hurt one another. The movie version of Un Taxi Mauve stars Fred Astaire, Charlotte Rampling, and Phillipe Noirette.

Les poneys sauvages

Les poneys sauvages

This Prix Interallié award-winning novel begins in 1937, as students Georges (a Frenchman), Barry (a passionate boxer), Cyril (a whimsical poet), and Horace (an aristocrat) complete their education at the University of Cambridge. As the decade comes to a close, the three friends get caught up in the whirlwind of war.

In the 1940 Battle of Dunkirk, some of the friends will face suspicious deaths, while others survive. Those remaining take the reader on a journey that spans three decades and covers all of Europe, from Italy to Poland to Paris. As the friends age, women come into their lives to remind them that the past will not die quietly. A story of murder, intrigue, and revenge, Les Poneys Sauvages is an historical epic set in the volatile years that were a turning point for the Western World and tells the story of the effect of these events on four friends.

Un Souvenir

Un souvenir

Passing the sixty year mark, Edward considers himself an old man. Having settled into his old age, he is plunged into his past when he finds a yellowing photograph taken in 1936. The photo is of himself as a young man hugging a beautiful girl named Sheila, who's mother ran a bed and breakfast in Essex, England. It does not take long for the aging Edward to decide to journey back to England in the hopes of finding traces of Sheila, and make peace with his regret of letting her slip away. Un Souvenir is a love story that spans several decades and will leave the reader awestruck at the actions love can inspire.

Cavalier, passé ton chemin!

Cavalier, passé ton chemin!

When it comes to Irish history, it is hard to say what is fact and what is fiction. A country of extraordinary folklore, Ireland's legends have become a part of its identity. Michel Deon expertly mixes legend and law, producing a work that demystifies what Ireland was and what it is today. In the process, the award-winning author taps into the very heart of the country.

Pages Grecques

Pages Greques

Following in the tradition of his books on Ireland and France, Michel Deon explores both the mythical and factual history of Greece. A country that belongs geographically to the east, yet produced the modern civilization of the west; Greece is full of stories that teach us lessons on life and love. From Gods to muses, legendary Greek figures not only entertain the country, they literally shaped its outcome when ancient soldiers invoked them to aid in battle. Michel Deon weaves Greece's dual histories together to paint a picture of this beautiful and inspiring country.

La Cour Des Grands

La Cour Des Grands

Protagonist Arthur Morgan travels a long way from his humble beginnings. The son a poor French widow, Morgan is offered a first class steamer ticket to travel to the United States in the 1950s. His life in the US is rich with friends and lovers. After completing his studies at a university, Morgan moves to New York to make it big as a stockbroker. Following family tragedy, he returns to France and soon loses touch with all of his US acquaintances. Fifteen years later, however, they are thrust back into his life, and Morgan is shocked to see how his friends have grown up and what they have become.


Un taxi muave (1977)