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Michel Deon:
Novelist, Biographer, Critic

          For Michel Deon, immortality is not just a dream; it is his reality. In 1978 Deon was granted the prestigious title of un immortel (an immortal), the name given to members of the prestigious l'Academie Francaise, the capstone on a career that has spanned seven decades. Consisting of just forty members who are elected by their peers to serve for life, l'Academie Francaise is the pre-eminent body on all things related to the French language.

          Over the course of his career, Deon has published over 50 literary works, and received numerous awards, including the Prix Interallie for his 1970 novel Les Poneys Sauvages (The Wild Ponies). In 1973 Deon produced his masterpiece, Un Taxi Mauve (A Purple Taxi), which won the esteemed title of the Grand Prix du Roman de l'Acedemie Francaise. With his novels translated into numerous languages throughout the world, Deon crosses both continents and cultures to deliver his unique voice into the 21st century.

          Deon is the son of a prominent French civil servant who died in Monaco while serving as advisor to Prince Louis in 1933. He and his mother moved to the Paris, where he studied law. Later, Deon spent his young adulthood serving as a soldier in World War II. When the conflict came to a close, Deon embarked upon his legendary career. Deon received a distinguished Rockefeller Foundation grant that allowed him to travel to America and work with the likes of William Faulkner and Saul Bellow.

          Despite his preeminence as a literary figure only one of his works has been made available to English-speaking readers. Deon is actively pursuing translation and publication of his works in English and welcomes inquiries, through his US agent.